For those  not familiar with Gousto, they are a recipe kit start-up company. You can choose 2—4 recipes per box, for 2 or 4 people and you can order up to 4 boxes each week. They deliver all the ingredients (except the essentials you would usually find at home, like sugar, oil, salt, pepper, etc.) plus store the recipes in a cooling package so it will be fine until you go home after work.

It sounds quite brilliant, doesn’t it? Too good to be true even.  A bit pushy with the marketing I have to say… a bit too in your face, which usually puts me off, but as we fit right into the average full time working couple category with healthy eating ambitions and a £25 voucher, I thought – let’s see if they deliver.

The online ordering experience was quite straight forward and user-friendly. A few interesting recipes to choose from and they seem to have something for everyone, from the avid carnivores to the colourful vegan hippies.

I selected 2 recipes: the ‘Spanish garlic prawns on spicy rice’ and  the ‘halloumi burger & smoky tomato relish’.

Delivery was free and uneventful, even though my partner works in the middle of nowhere. When we got home, the refrigerated ingredients were still cold and all ingredients looked fresh. For winter tomatoes I was quite pleased, I have to say.

What shocked me was the amount of food. When I do my weekly Tesco shop I usually get 3 or 4 big trays of groceries (if you ever ordered your groceries online you know what I’m talking about) for about £50. I was looking at the amount of food and I honestly thought 1. This will never be enough for 2 people and 2. £27 for this?!?

This is how the ingredients for the two recipes look like:


Nevertheless, kept an open mind and decided to do the Halloumi burgers first as it seems to go well with Champions League.

The instructions are quite easy to follow, they have clear instructions and pictures for every step so no problems there.  I would say it took me about 1h from start to finish. Maybe other people with more experience and organisational skills would take less, I can be quite slow as I tend to clean up whilst I am cooking and make use of the same pot or pan twice if I can, to avoid having too much washing up after (which is not my favourite past time, I have to admit).

The result was again – quite surprising. Really delicious (even the meat-eating Mr. enjoyed it) and it was too much for me to finish. Which worked out great because my partner is a real man with a real appetite, so he got to be full as well.

The second night we (and by we I mean him) cooked the spicy rice with prawns. Except for our mistake of adding to much aioli sauce to the mix, it was delicious and simple to make.

Here you have the burgers:


And the rice:



I was very skeptical about these sort of things to be honest, but they kind of won me over. Personally I will probabaly stick with my big shops in Tesco, plan and cook my own dinners – just because I find it more cost efficient. However, I might order from them once in a while, in special circumstances.

I feel that this is something for the career driven individual who works very long hours and are financially well placed to fork out a little extra for pre-planned dinners. It does help you save a lot of time, makes it easier to have a varied diet and at the same time have home cooked meals and control over what you eat.

Go visit them here. And let me know if you’ve tried anything like that and what you think of it.

Happy shopping!


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